As of 2023, Koç University administers an internal support program with two components, within the framework of Koç University Scientific Research Projects Implementation Directive.

As part of the ongoing UNIC project, the “UNIC Engaged Research Initiative” call was announced as a minor component in 2023, in order to support networking efforts among consortium universities in Europe.

  • “Seed Research Fund Program” (KU-SRF): Under this scheme, annual calls-for-proposals have been announced since 2014. KU-SRF was designed to support innovative, early-stage, preferably high-risk/high-gain research projects that can be executed across all disciplines at Koç University.
  • “Research Support for Female Academics After Career Breaks Program (Return-to-Research): As part of Koç University’s “Gender Equality Plan” (first announced in 2022). this component was initiated in 2023. Return-to-Research offers support to female researchers who are reintegrating into academia after family-related career breaks.

Both schemes are open for proposals from faculty and research faculty. Actions are supported at most for a duration of 12 months, with a budget up to 100.000 TL

You can access the documents, forms and details of the 2023 call here.

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