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Horizon Europe is one of the world’s largest research and innovation support programs run by the European Commission, between 2021-2027. Since Türkiye participates in the programme as an Associated Country by paying a contribution, Turkish organizations are able to participate in all Horizon Europe calls and receive funding.

As the Sponsored Research Office (SRO), we aim to further the success of Koç University in the previous Framework Programme, Horizon 2020. Between 2014-2020, our university was the most successful university in Türkiye (second most successful institution after TUBITAK) with 51 projects (partnerships and coordinatorships) and a budget of 23.9 million Euros under Horizon 2020. This success of the institution was honored by TUBITAK with an award at the Horizon Europe Official Opening event in March 2022.

What we do as SRO in Horizon Europe:

  • We regularly share information about calls. (Here is also an introduction to our funding opportunities tool suite Pivot-RP.)
  • We meet with our faculty members, center and laboratory groups one-on-one to match their needs with open and planned calls.
  • We refer researchers to professional consultancy supports in their preparations for coordinatorship.
  • We assist our researchers who want to look for coordinators as partners.
  • We prepare and share analyses of evaluator reports for ERC and MSCA calls. For MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships preparations, we also prepare texts to be used to strengthen the proposal forms and help supervisors prepare announcements in EURAXESS.
  • We support the preparation of Horizon Europe applications electronically in accordance with each call’s requirements. We inform TTO regarding support in budget preparations.
  • We give feedback to the proposal form drafts as requested by researchers.

For external stakeholders: Please get into contact with us as a connecting party in your pursuit of Horizon Europe proposal cooperation.

The main work programmes summarizing all “mono-beneficiary” and “cooperative” calls for the period of 2022 can be downloaded from the links below. The search engine for all calls is here.

TUBITAK is sharing information on their portal for Horizon Europe calls and information events. You can subscribe to get regular e-mail announcements from this site.

Horizon Europe can be hard to navigate. As SRO, it is among our basic duties to guide you through different call types and help you find the suitable ones for your R&D needs. If you contact us, we can prepare your application preparation strategy together.

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