Sponsored Research Office Requirements for Principal Investigators (PIs)

Faculty members can become PIs in any sponsored research scheme depending on the sponsor’s eligibility conditions. In order to complete their external funding application, faculty must submit an “”SRO-Trackit“. For an explanation of the process, please click here.

Research faculty, postdoctoral researchers and PhD candidates who plan to become PIs for externally funded research projects are required by Koç University to get the signed consent of their advisors / directors. Such project proposals should also be accompanied by a “SRO-Trackit” request, as explained here. (Grant Application Interest Form and letter templates can be downloaded from the same page.) 

Please be advised that without the signed letter and an attached “SRO-Trackit” request, the VPRD approval of your proposal cannot be completed.

Research Faculty and Postdoctoral Researcher PI Approvals

A signed approval form is required to assess the researcher’s employment contract period from the perspective of the grant application’s estimated future duration.

  1. If the employment contract period of the researcher extends beyond the anticipated end date of the future grant agreement, they should consult their supervisor / director and request a written consent regarding their role as PI. 
  2. If the employment contract period of the researcher ends before the anticipated end date of the grant agreement, a written consent by the supervisor / director is to be provided, which includes a clear statement regarding the planning for project management continuity with details such as the salary of the PI being covered by the project budget. 
  3. The written consent by the supervisor / director should also provide a contingency plan for project management in case the researcher is unable to continue their PI role in the future. 

PhD Candidate PI Approvals

PhD candidates are specifically eligible as PIs for programs such as TÜBİTAK’s 1002 or TÜSEB’s “A Group” schemes. They are required to get a PI approval form signed by their advisors, accompanied by a “SRO-Trackit” request.  

  1. The letter template includes a statement by the academic advisor of the PhD candidate confirming that the researcher can fulfill PI responsibilities successfully. (For example, TÜBİTAK 1002 grant applications require that the proposal should be directly related to the PhD candidate’s dissertation work.) 
  2. To become an eligible PI, Koç University requires that the PhD candidate should remain registered at the university for at least two more semesters (in addition to the current semester) until graduation. 
  3. By signing the letter, the academic advisor verifies that no international travel longer than 1 month is planned for the candidate during the execution of the project. 
  4. The academic advisor of the PhD candidate should be officially included in the project team in “advisor” position.