Ex Libris Pivot-RP is an online suite of tools for researchers and faculty that is accessible using a web browser. Pivot-RP provides research administrators, research development professionals, and individual faculty members quick and easy access to the right research opportunities, funding, and people. Pivot-RP provides global and local connections that strengthen research by exploring new avenues for funding and collaboration – for faculty, staff researchers, and graduate students.

Pivot-RP includes intelligent mapping features that expedite funding discovery, dissemination, and collaboration. With Pivot-RP, connecting the right opportunities with the right people is routine.

SRO supports KU’s current subscription to Pivot-RP. All members of the KU community with an active @ku.edu.tr email address can access this service.

Quick steps to start using the platform:

  • You use the platform through your personal account, start setting up one here: https://pivot.proquest.com/register Choose the “use email address/create password” option and prepare your personal account with your @ku.edu.tr email address. You will be able to identify KU from the drop-down “Affiliated Member Institution” list on this screen:

  • When you login with your new account @ku.edu.tr email through https://pivot.proquest.com/, here is what your typical screen will look like:

  • You can either directly start using the search engine in the main field, or, and this is what SRO recommends, you can go to the “Funding” tab to set up detailed search criteria. Pivot-RP’s support staff daily updates entries about funding schemes around the world and create separate “fiches” for each scheme, providing a summary of individual opportunities. You can save your specific searches to go back to them regularly, create curations of selected entries, set up alerts and even create a group for your project / lab / center / research team in order to track and share opportunities with other KU users (from undergrads to fellow faculty) you are doing research with. To set up your own group and invite other KU users: https://pivot.proquest.com/manage_groups
  • The KU platform interacts with all international universities and organizations that subscribe to Pivot-RP, so it possible to match up with researchers abroad with similar interests. SRO recommends keeping your profile up to date if you intend to use the platform to reach out to other Pivot-RP users abroad. About your profile: https://pivot.proquest.com/profiles/main You will be able to “claim your profile” as a first step, to see what the platform recovers by talking to other research databases.
  • The platform also lets you search through conferences and publishing opportunities, click the “Conferences” tab: https://pivot.proquest.com/papers_invited/main
  • There is also a database of “awarded grants” to search through what was funded: https://pivot.proquest.com/grants/main

There is a comprehensive knowledge base on how to use Pivot-RP, here. More practically, you might want to sit through some of the short videos on the Pivot-RP YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@ProQuestPivot/playlists

On 25 April 2024, SRO organized a training session in collaboration with Clarivate. You can stream/download the video here.

When you identify an international funding opportunity and wish to discuss how to develop a proposal, let us know: Contact Emrah Göker (CE, SOM, SON), Oya Gül (CSSH, CASE, LS) or Esra Hüseyinoğlu (CS).

Please keep the new SRO procedure in mind and submit an SRO-trackit when you decide applying for a national or international call.