•  Where do I start from? 

You should first register to ARBIS https://arbis.tubitak.gov.tr/ to be able to submit any TUBITAK application.

  • If I encounter a problem on ARBIS, what should I do?

You should contact arbis@tubitak.gov.tr.

  • During a TUBITAK application, should I calculate PTI (project encouragement bonus) and the overhead?

For national applications, you do not have to because TUBITAK will calculate it during your project agreement following the funding decision.

However, for international project applications, you should fill these parts as a formality according to the rules stated in the budget form.

  • What is the “TUBITAK quota” and how can it be calculated?

You can find the explanation here.

  • What are the maximum amounts of fellowships for TUBITAK projects?

You can find the explanation here.

  • If I already applied with same or similar project topic, what should I do?

You should proceed by following the steps on the application system.

  • How can I submit my application through the application system?

Follow this link.

  • How can I get my e-signature?

Koç University has an agreement with TURKTRUST for electronic signatures. Since e-signature is legally your personal property, all transactions must be made by you in person. For further questions you may call the Call Center from 0850 222 4446.There are two methods to acquire a new e-signature or to renew it.

Online Express Signature Application: Express Signature applications could be made online from https://onlineislemler.turktrust.com.tr/index.xhtml After you submit your application, a TURKTRUST representative will contact you to inform you on the process. You do not need to go to their offices physically fort his type of application, the e-signature will be delivered to your address when ready. This service is charged with an extra 99 TL.

Signature Application from the Offices: You could go to any TURKTRUST Office and apply in person for an e-signature. If you would like to renew your existing e-signature, you should also take your old card with you. You should also take your ID card and the bank receipt showing you have made the payment with you.


  • Does ISTKA support basic research?

No. In ISTKA programs, proposals are evaluated in terms of their contribution to Istanbul socially and economically. On the other hand, it is possible to establish new research infrastructure that meets the requirements of a certain call. Usually you discuss how you will make the infrastructure available to shareholders in Istanbul as you pursue your own scientific agenda. As long as research and data collection tasks serve the call’s “problem-solving priorities”, such activities can be funded under ISTKA.

  • Do we submit ISTKA applications electronically?

Applications start by logging into the KAYS system with the lead PI’s e-government password. The applicant institution/faculty/center is also identified through the KAYS dashboard. Please inform us in time about your proposal; SRO and TTO units will support your budget preparation and gather administrative information that you will have to provide during the submission session. Since the KU authorized signature is requested electronically post-submission, there is generally no need to mail in printed out documents.

  • Is there a limit on the number of applications to ISTKA programs? Or the number of funded projects?

Although limits may vary in different Financial Support Program calls, there is always a limit to the number of applicants to a given call from Koç University. In 2021 calls, for example, the applicant KU unit could send at most 3 proposals to a single call and at most 2 of these proposals could receive funding.

  • How can we evaluate the eligibility of my idea for ISTKA support?

Let us have an initial meeting: We can evaluate the idea’s eligibility together, and assess its position via the priorities declared in the open ISTKA calls. ISTKA support staff are also always open to give feedback on the eligibility of proposal ideas. We can arrange a meeting with ISTKA. If you are interested in the 2022 Feasibility Support Program, the first thing we should do is to request an appointment from ISTKA and evaluate the eligibility of your idea together with them.


Click here to go to their official FAQ.

  • Is there a limit to the number of funded TUSEB projects one can be assigned as PI and/or researcher, similar to the rules in the TUBITAK system?

There is no such limit for the TUSEB system. You can only receive incentive payments from two projects, but can have roles in more than two.