ContactsEmrah Göker (SRO, non-budgetary administrative supports); Begüm Aktaş Budakoğlu (TTO, budgeting guidance)

Turkish Health Institutes Directorate (TUSEB) has come to the forefront since 2019 as a new public institution that sponsors R&D in health. TUSEB is officially part of the Ministry of Health, and announces research and innovation funding calls in various health-related topics regularly. Although the institution takes TUBITAK programs as a model, we observe important points where TUSEB calls differ from TUBITAK’s schemes in aim and practice. Since we observe an increasing interest in TUSEB calls at Koç University, in line with KU’s strengths in basic, clinical and translational health research, we aim to improve our support services in these calls as SRO.

Open calls in 2022:

Click for TUSEB application guide.


  • You can always talk to SRO about the eligibility of your subject to TUSEB programs and call rules.
  • Please inform SRO regarding your TUSEB call preparations.
  • TTO will help you out with your budget.
  • In case you need company involvement or intellectual property rights assessment for your TUSEB proposal, please inform us, we can help.
  • We will help you with the authorized signature for your proposal and can send your proposal package to TUSEB once you complete all other signatures on the form.