ContactsEmrah GökerOya GülEsra Hüseyinoğlu (SRO, non-budgetary administrative supports); Begüm Aktaş Budakoğlu (TTO, budgeting guidance)

The prominent research and development sponsor among public institutions in the Istanbul region is the Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA), which is attached to the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Koç University has a high reputation in ISTKA’s funding system, having carried out successful projects in various ISTKA schemes since 2012. Unlike TUBITAK and TUSEB supports, “Financial Support Programs” announced by ISTKA almost every yeardo not mainly fund research, but are oriented towards problem solving actions. ISTKA largely funds projects that offer solutions to clearly defined, priority social and economic problems of Istanbul, and project activities are expected to include various stakeholders and have multiplier effects in the region.

On the other hand, we observe from the projects received in recent years that Koç University researchers are able to find ISTKA support with ideas that can both serve Istanbul companies, civil society organizations, other shareholders, as well as their own research agenda.

ISTKA did not declare a new Financial Support Program in 2022. For 2022, there is a “Feasibility Support Program” that is continuously open until the end of the year for the feasibility studies of ideas that may require support for larger budgets (under ISTKA “Guided Project” category).


  • Contact us regarding the priorities and rules about any given “Financial Support Program” or “Feasibility Support Program” call. SRO and TTO have significant experience in project development and implementation.
  • ISTKA prefers to give live feedback to a project idea before it becomes a submitted proposal. As you develop your idea for any ISTKA call, we can help you contact ISTKA’s project support team and arrange a face-to-face.
  • Please inform us about your decision to develop an ISTAK proposal. As SRO, we help you prepare the electronic submission and support documents TTO provides support for budgeting.