• Do you provide project writing support?

We do not provide proposal writing services. We will provide feedback on drafts of your form if you request it. For some funding schemes, we will provide supplementary texts and prepare basic information for you about Koç University. For Horizon Europe, TUBITAK support schemes are available, including supports that pay for external proposal writing services. You can consult us about these support schemes.

  • There are hundreds of international calls, how can I identify the ones suitable for me?

We try to provide an up-to-date summary with our weekly Calls for Proposals Bulletin. On the other hand, if you cannot invest time in funding searches, contact us and let us meet. You can inform us about your specific funding needs and your scientific research and/or innovation agenda. We can search deeper for you and discuss the calls we may match in more detail.

  • I want to develop an ERC application, what should I do?

ERC grants are among Koç University’s highest priorities under Horizon Europe. As of May 2022, Koç University is the leading institution hosting 21 out of 38 projects carried out in Türkiye since 2012. We have significant experience in terms of project development and implementation support. We can provide feedback on your preparation calendar, and whether or not you are ready for ERC competition. We can pass on the all sorts of basic information. As the first step, we recommend a one-on-one meeting.

  • I received an invitation to participate in a Horizon Europe call , how should I proceed?

Participating as a partner in Horizon Europe calls takes relatively less time than coordinating. As SRO, we recommend evaluating such invitations from your European contacts together. Please notify us as soon as possible. We can make an assessment about the consortium and the call requirements. If you do not personally want the participation, we can check whether other groups at the university might be interested. The common process of participation as a partner is as follows: You negotiate with the coordinator about the specific tasks you will undertake in different work packages. According to your emerging role as the consortium’s proposal develops, we coordinate with TTO to prepare your budget. The coordinator will be requesting some administrative information, with which we also help you.

  • University’s PIC number and other information are requested in a Horizon Europe application, what should I do?

Koç University’s “legal identity” number – officially names “Participant Identification Code” – is 999901512 in the European Commission system. When this number is entered for a specific proposal submission in the EC system, SRO and the Vice President for Research and Development will be notified via e-mail. Let us know the context of your participation and we will assist you with other administrative information as well.

  • I would like to lead the consortium in an international call that suits me very well. What are the steps?

If you want to be a coordinator in a call made by establishing a consortium in Horizon Europe or another system, identifying your partners is the most important initial step. We can also evaluate your partnership structure, get in touch with our European contacts and support your search for partners. TUBITAK offers a support scheme for Horizon Europe coordinatorships. If you require to procure writing services, we can help you with the application you will need to submit to TUBITAK. You can request feedback from SRO on any element of the proposal such as impact, technology transfer, communication, etc. TTO will work with you on the budget. We will help you complete the electronic submission in the sponsor’s system, and if the need arises, help your partners, too.